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​​ Comprehensive services for the employers

At Professional Edge Consultants ("PEC") we bring a human touch to everything we do.  We understand the challenges in today’s market-place and are committed to supporting and servicing our clients’ personnel needs.  Whether it’s recruiting, staffing, outsourcing, or supporting our client’s Human Resources department, PEC provides Human Resources Solutions.


Finding the candidate that is right for your organization and armed with the necessary skills needed to align with your corporate objectives can be difficult. At PEC, our recruiters help identify, screen and interview candidates best suited for your organization. Our goal is to qualify applicants, not solely based on their skills, but also their strengths, personal motivations, and compatibility with the employer. We understand how a good fit between the employer and employee impacts the company’s productivity.


Avoid the burdensome process and expense associated with hiring new employees in response to fluctuating staffing needs. PEC provides supplemental staffing to fulfill temporary, contingency and seasonal obligations. At PEC, our consultants can equip you with personnel support for short-term coverage, fluctuating busy periods, or project-oriented demands.


Does your organization require a large-scale flexible workforce for special events or promotions? In today’s economy companies are addressing special marketing needs on an "as needed basis" without making permanent changes to their core human resources or personnel teams. Professional Edge Consultants can assist with managed services providing large-scale flexible staffing. Our consultants liaison with your management team to ensure fluid progression of events.


Many companies have, or need, a large-scale work-force, but don’t have sufficient supervisory and administrative support to manage them. Professional Edge can oversee the administration of your entire flexible workforce. Available services include, but are not limited to:

·   Processing and interviewing

    applicants on-site

·   Transferring personnel data
·   Coordinating schedules
·   Administering time and attendance

·   Handling terminations